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Long longer longest runs

Now my marathon training is well underway, the long run distances are getting slightly scary.

This weekend I needed to run 17 miles. It looked like a beautiful morning with the bluest sky. Pity about the wind. The wind was fierce; the wind had teeth.

Another thing about this marathon training is that – with so much running to do – you can’t afford to wait for a better day. Besides, who knows what the weather will be like on marathon day? Best to prepare by running in all weathers.

It took over three and a half hours to run the seventeen miles. I see this as a positive – knowing I can keep running for that long. Although, at one particularly windy point, I looked at my pace (14:10 per mile) and realised that I could probably walk faster. So I did. Just until I turned out of the worst of the wind.

One more long run down. The marathon is starting to feel very real.

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  1. Well done! Running in the wind is a challenge alright, was windy here all weekend too. As you say you don’t know what it will be like on marathons day, so have to experience it!


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